Neicha Black Glue Master
Neicha Black Glue Master

Neicha Black Glue Master

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Black Glue Master Neicha for Eyelash Extensions is the perfect solution when you need a strong yet flexible adhesive that will hold lashes in place with minimal damage. The quick drying time of 2-3 seconds and low fumes make this product ideal to use on sensitive eyes or during your client's most delicate moments, such as prepping their own hair before applying extensions at home! It takes between 6 - 7 weeks under proper application. We recommend Neicha Master Glue only for professional use.

Tired of using glue that breaks and never stays on? Not anymore! Give our solidly long-lasting ultra-durable Black Glue Neicha Master a try. We guarantee it will work wonders for you, even with sensitive eyes. Buy one today! Features: It comes in three sizes (3g, 5g, 10g), professional use only, durability and drying time are super quick.

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