Neicha Elite+ Glue (Elite Plus)
Neicha Elite+ Glue (Elite Plus)

Neicha Elite+ Glue (Elite Plus)

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Neicha Elite Plus glues have a liquid formula, not strong fumes. For professional eyelash stylists only! It bonds in seconds and helps you perform 3D-9D volume extension perfectly with this super fast bonding time lasting up to 8 weeks before needing another touchup session for hair extensions worn by clients daily or weekly depending on how often they want them fixed at home versus going back into the salon every single day which could potentially save some money if there's no monthly fee required like most places do nowadays.

The professionals at this company are always looking for ways to improve their craft. They have developed a new formula of eyelash glue that is much more liquid than others on the market, making it easier and faster-drying so you can get back into business right away! The strong fumes should be safe enough even if applied by someone who's not an expert in makeup application like eye lash stylists because each bottle comes with detailed instructions about how best to use these products according them type (depends).

Attention professional eyelash stylists! With no strong fumes, these glues are recommended only for the most elite stylists. The bonding time is super fast which helps with 3D-9D volume extensions- providing an absolutely perfect bond to last up to 8 weeks! Our Neicha Elite+ adhesive glue's smooth liquid formula provides extra sensitivity during application because of its non-drying qualities. It has a quick set time and dries in excess of 30 minutes when exposed to air or heat up if composed in hotter environments or on clients who have oily skin. This allows you until the very end for minor corrections before applying full lashes and can even be used as a lash sealant, avoiding potential issue such as under lashes dropping off.

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