Neicha Gel Remover Grapefruit
Neicha Gel Remover Grapefruit

Neicha Gel Remover Grapefruit

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Neicha Eyelash Extensions Grapefruit Scent gel remover is the easiest way to remove false eyelashes. It's gentle on your natural lashes and won’t damage them! Plus, this new product has a fast speed - it only takes moments for these bonds to come off once they're set onto the eye; there are no longer any worries about running into an issue where you could end up touching/in contact with anything else (which would cause another problem).

With this premium eyelash remover, you can finally remove those pesky extensions without breaking a sweat. The gel formula is gentle on sensitive skin and won’t run into your client's eyes like other products would! Order Neicha Gel Removers with Grapefruit scent at cheapest prices online.

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