Neicha Mega Bonding Glue
Neicha Mega Bonding Glue

Neicha Mega Bonding Glue

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Neicha Black Glue Mega Bonding is one of the most popular glues in Neichas range. This fast drying time 2-3 seconds and strong bonding period up to 5-6 weeks under proper application makes it perfect for professionals only who want longer lasting eyelashes! It also has fumes that are not recommended if you have sensitive eyes, so always do patch test before using this product on your clients with extensions or false lashes procedure.

This amazing Mega Bonding glue from Neicha has fast drying time and strong bonding period. The black color is perfect for eyelashes extensions, because it's easy to match your natural lashes! It also comes with a preserve pack so you can keep using the product after opening-up in order not have any problems when storing up leftovers or running out of stock at home.

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