Neicha Novelty Glue
Neicha Novelty Glue

Neicha Novelty Glue

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Neicha Black Glue “Novelty” is a great adhesive for lash extensions. This product can be used under hot temperatures and when there is extra liquid in the formula, which makes bonding quicker and more effective than other adhesives on the market today! The significant improvement has been its extra-long lasting properties with up to 7 weeks of proper application time before they start falling out due to lack luster gluing skills from your stylist (or yourself).

Neicha black glue has been around for a long time, but Neicha’s novelty black eyelash extension adhesive is designed specifically to handle mega volume and hot weather. The extra-liquid formula makes bonding quicker so you can get back in your makeup faster! It also prolongs the life of sets by washing lashes with shampoo before applying them - don't forget about this important step or else risk losing everything from expensive false bundles all together!

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