Neicha Twinkle Lashes
Neicha Twinkle Lashes

Neicha Twinkle Lashes

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You will never want to go back to cheap lashes again once you try Neicha Twinkle Lashes. These eyelashes have an intense black color, excellent extension effect due their lightness and naturalness because it's so flexible with a perfect curve on both the length as well as thickness of your eye area for any style that could need them! You get 16 rows per package which means there are enough pairs in one box without having too many packages laying around getting dusty or lost between other makeup supplies at home - these silky soft synthetic fiber bundles might just become all yours.

Silk eyelashes are a luxurious way to give yourself long, luscious lashes. Silk extensions use the thread from silk worms as their main ingredient for making strands of fine quality human hair that can be attached into your natural lash line with glue or adhesive remover.

It's time to buy affordable, natural looking lashes that will make you look like a goddess! Neicha Individual eyelash extensions are available at wholesale prices. Get them delivered worldwide for only on select products and adhesives - order now while supplies last.

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